2019.01 d.i.y?

 Billy Bain, Joshua Bentley, Jennifer Brady, Zoe Gojnich, Millie Mitchell, Rumpa Paweenpongpat, Natalia Stojevski, Matthew Varnay

16 January - 2 February 2019
Opening Night Tuesday 15 January 2019, 5-8PM

D.I.Y. (adjective)

Do-it-yourself; describing something that may be constructed by one’s self without the help of a trained professional.

d.i.why? is a cross-disciplinary investigation into low-fidelity, do-it-yourself and process driven artmaking practices. Glorifying failure and inadequacy, the exhibition celebrates the home-made, man-made, found-object, cheap, damaged, broken and breaking.

This curated mess prioritises process and the act of making, in the production of materially-aware artworks. The works are united not through media or thematics, but instead through an overarching grunge aesthetic and layered approach to artmaking. Encompassing assemblage, ceramics, photography, printmaking, installation and performance, d.i.why? disregards ‘perfection’ in order to actively engage and communicate with the audience.

Cover Image: Natalia Stojevski, Ew Vom Don’t Call It That (detail shot), 2018

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This Is That

Bradlee Wiseman

6 - 23 February 2019

Opening Night Tuesday 5 February 2019, 5-8 PM

This is That investigates a deeper involvement with self and space. Working across mediums of painting and installation, this exhibition is offering up a new pictorial perspective of how we shape and perceive our physical world. Playfully using colour, form and composition, Bradlee Wiseman explores facets of people, objects and the outside world. Through an accumulation of physical experiences, on screen and in tactical painting mediums, this exhibition aims to acknowledge these links between art and everyday spaces. By presenting a series of whimsical happenings across 2D and 3D forms, This is That seeks to manifest the potential for the medium of painting to re-configure the way we perceive the world around us. 

Image: Bradlee Wiseman, Open sesame (metaphorically), 2018, acrylic on paper, 21.0 x 29.7cm

Images courtesy of the artists and Kudos Gallery. Photos: Liam Black

This Is That Room Sheet

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Northern Tales

Vilma Bader

6 - 23 February 2019
Opening Night Tuesday 5 February 2019, 5-8PM

Using three locations, Northern Tales explores the mnemonic function of linguistics, semiotics and space in the construction of identity. The work emerges out of two years of travels and artist residences in Iceland, Finland and Estonia. All three locations, while indisputably European, are peripheral within the European imagination. Contemplative immersion and engagement within these locales’ communities and experiencing the landscape in all seasons was important. The approach differs and culminates in a compelling, kaleidoscopic world where fact, fiction, myth, history, the old and new merge and play off each other. The hand-made appliqués in the Icelandic component refer to the country’s medieval sagas, and stories and events from its not so distant past. The extensive use of textile and hand stitching evoke long dark northern winter nights and storytelling. The Finnish component functions as a collection of visual poems and as a comment on the unsustainable timber industry in Finland. The Estonian component brings forth the strikingly colourful doors of its capital city. Northern Tales is foremost about the local and particular, while suggesting multiple narratives which link universal histories and the common memories they may share. 

Image: Vilma Bader, Women in the Age of Settlement 2018, 62 x 210, acrylic, canvas, hessian, hand stitched and painted appliqués, textile, cotton thread

Images courtesy of the artist and Kudos Gallery. Photos: Liam Black

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