Gilding the Lily

Emily Galicek

Opening night: 5-8pm 3rd September 2019

Exhibition continues: 4th - 21st September 2019

Gilding the Lily is an exhibition of paintings by Emily Galicek that critically engage with the post-digital context. The post-digital context is characterised by the proliferation and saturation of images, screens and digital networks into all areas of contemporary existence. It is also concerned with the potential that these forms have to be infinitely replicated and manipulated, and the way that processes of replication and manipulation can alter meaning and understanding. Given these characteristics, questions arise of whether painting has the capacity to visualise the intangible digital networks that surround us, and if so, how might it do this? The paintings in this exhibition form a potential response to these questions, using strategies of parody to self-reflexively critique the post-digital context in which they exist.  

Gilding the Lily Room Sheet (opens in new window)

Image: Emily Galicek, Internet Painting I (2019), acrylic on canvas, 914 x 1016mm

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