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The Displacement of Ghosts: An exhibition in two archives

Judith Martinez Estrada

Opening: 24 September 5-8pm 

Exhibition continues: 25 September - 12 October

The exhibition is divided into two spaces (let’s call them archives): 

Archive 1: ‘El Apartamento: Retales/ The Apartment: Remnants’ is a visual documentation of place, as a mnemonic, post-memory study attempting to thread together a portrait of my family in Madrid, and in return gathering a greater understanding of identity. I have applied Pierre Nora’s concept of ‘Lieu de Memoire’ (sites of memory) to an investigation of personal history as a study of ‘33, Menendez Pelayo, Madrid’ – the residence of my paternal family. I have approached this project as an archaeologist and archivist – gathering, documenting and labeling. The pieces to be exhibited will represent the outcome of the archival documentation process in the form of photography, to show how all the remnants — a combination of the physical, the ephemeral, the behavioural — have helped shape this first floor apartment into a site of memory. 


Archive 2: ‘Palimpsest’: Palimpsest is the result of altering fragments from the past to create a present. Displaced people from antique vernacular photographs have new landscapes created around them, exploring human identity and the notion of the individual through time and place. A sense of reverence is felt towards these anonymous figures – who were they and why has the memory of them been discarded? What comment are we making about our own identities as we dispense with such images?

Image: Projected Portrait (grandfather). Judith Martinez. 2018 Photographed at ‘33, Menendez Pelayo, Madrid Digital print on archival watercolour paper 80cm h x 100cm w

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