The Ghosts of Exquisite Materials

Cybele Cox, Szymon Dorabialski, Audrey Newton, Yeliz Yorulmaz

The Ghosts of Exquisite Materials is a melodrama about an imagined afterlife. This installation delves into new and experimental sculptural disciplines but still touch on familiar themes embedded in each artist’s respective practices; the ephemeral, the mystical, the absurd and the mythological. In a collaborative effort, the group will build a set to stage scenes of a mystical narrative that will be performed by the artists and their separate works. 

The respective strengths and varied skill set of each artist combine in The Ghosts of Exquisite Materials to build an absurdist set of abstracted forms that are simulations of an imagined afterlife. This afterlife will be summoned and texturised through varied materialities such as timber, copper, found objects, living/decaying organisms, plaster, concrete, ceramic and resin. This devised dance of objects that signifies the death throws, transition and habitation of the afterlife is an ephemeral, intuitive and mystical process. This process expresses and alludes to the body transforming and transcending its material and functional form.

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