Ecologies of Being

Jessica Bradford, Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen, Monisha Chippada, Kalanjay Dhir, Carmen Glynn-Braun, Gillian Kayrooz, Ida Lawrence, Sofiyah Ruqayah, Louise Zhang.

Curated by Tanushri Saha and Naomi Segal for Peril magazine

Opening: 2 July 5-8pm Continues: 3 - 20 July

Ecologies of Being is an exhibition that considers the ways in which we are enmeshed in flows between beings, place, memory, and time. The exhibition offers reflections on interdependence and our entangled relations to the space around us, asking– how and where are we orientated? What particular shape or form do the worlds we inhabit acquire? 

In asking these questions, the artists seek to move towards a more complex understanding of the ecologies they are both embedded in and contingent upon. The works featured in this exhibition present insights into worlds that are corporeal, speculative, multi-faceted and in constant flux. 

When examining the spheres of our existence, frictions emerge from asymmetries of power: we become aware of the imbalance between relations that are immediately perceptible for us, and those that remain spectral and peripheral. To contemplate these tensions is to come closer to opening oneself up to different ways of knowing, being and doing. The exhibition maps and negotiates these intricate relations through differing forms and lines of inquiry by the artists.

Ecologies of Being serves as an archive of bodily, spatial and temporal entanglement, whilst also gesturing towards the possible shape of future worlds. 

This event is supported by Arc @ UNSW Ltd, Kudos Gallery, Peril magazine and Young Henrys.

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Image: Louise Zhang, ‘Feed you pink’ (series) 2018, polyfoam, resin, acrylic, rope. Courtesy of the Artist and Artereal Gallery.

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