Dear Homeland,

Hyun Jee Cho, Huy Lim Kha, Yvonne Minh Tinh Le, Nolan Ho Wung Murphy, Tanaporn Norsrida, Linda Sok

Dear Homeland, is a sensitive inquiry into the East- and Southeast-Asian Australian diasporic identity by a diverse group of emerging Sydney-based artists with homelands spanning across Cambodia, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. The works by these artists deliberately employ vastly different mediums - painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, video and performance. Unified by their diasporic history and biographical practices, they work to individualise their own unique experiences within the contemporary Australian context. 

The works featured in Dear Homeland, engage with amalgamated identities which exist in liminal spaces that have been formed through the hybridisation of cultures from the motherland and the current land. Their practices act as avenues for intimate and vulnerable expressions of a displaced identity post-migration by deconstructing how locality and heritage coalesce and manifest within an artistic practice.  

Dear Homeland, transforms the Kudos Gallery space into a contemplative and inclusive journey into personal cultural landscapes by giving voice to hidden narratives and histories. The complex and multi-faceted nature of the post-migratory experience is depicted through the diverse materials used, allowing for audiences to experience the array of identities that manifest. Collectively, the works offer a glimpse into the East- and Southeast-Asian diasporic experience that exists within Australia.

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