Posters for a Friend’s Bedroom

Celeste Stein

Opening night: 5-8pm Tuesday 15 October  

Exhibitions continues: 16 October - 2 November

In Posters for a Friend’s Bedroom, I have brought together a series of artworks for loved ones. The works are intended to hang in a fictional bedroom, as blessings of friendship and forces of protection. Each work is made as a gift, and therefore interrogates what it means to produce for the result of giving away. The ‘posters’ depict intimate moments, parts of friends I wish to help heal, and objects/places that influence my approach to affection. This list of subject matter moves through many material processes - from drawings, to scans, to digital files, to machine cutting, the resulting 'posters' are poetic and obscured.

Image: 'Aarhus' Preparation cut file, digital cut file screenshot, Celeste Stein

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