Jack De Lacy, Gillian Kayrooz and Elijah Innes

27 February - 16 March 2019

Opening Night Tuesday 26 February 2019, 5-8PM

Supervis is the camera as a point of exchange between embodied and represented identities. Sydney based artists Elijah Innes, Gillian Kayrooz and Jack De Lacy use film, audio, sculpture, performance and print, to consider the way contemporary image culture and digital spaces en-frame physical reality.

They seek to understand the collapsing boundaries and a pluralism of space between the physical and virtual that the internet and media has allowed us to experience. This temporality lets one’s self-concept become the means by which we can transcend and re-create oneself.

Supervis reveals virtual communions; intimate private chats, collected spam, deleted browser history, and YouTube ‘story-times’ as collected data of identity. Aesthetically, Supervis revels in image-inundation. It enjoys the chaos and confusion, the glossy visual impact, and guiltily, the supervision of it all.

Image: Jack De Lacy, Enframing (digital version), 2019

Courtesy of the artist and Kudos Gallery. Photos: Liam Black

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