Dylan Batty

(This exhibition has been made in collaboration with many many people, too many in fact to properly list within the official advertising material. This work in this show will attempt to acknowledge every single person who contributed to this work without any form of hierarchy.)

3 April - 18 April 2019

Opening Night Tuesday 2 April 2019, 5-8PM

Who made your work? Whose labour produced your cultural capital?  

Aoide is the conclusion of my research, addressing the hierarchies of authorship and labour within art practice and institutions. Aoide imagines a gallery space devoid of the hierarchical structures that dictate authorship and access to cultural capital. By borrowing from Post-Internet theories of mediation and mimesis, cultural capital can be distributed based upon labour, refuting and flattening the hierarchies of intellectual property.  

Aoide builds upon the previous shows: Mneme and Melete, each of which was named for the original muses of cultural practice, representing the elements of “contemplation” and “occasion”. Aoide represents the final notion of “voice”, in essence providing the final element through which the preconditions of cultural production are met. 

Image: Courtesy of Dylan Batty

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