2019.04 Heirlooms for Mutant Children

Hugh Black, Rosy Leake, Sena Kosaroglu, Lihnida Krstanoska-Blazeska, Joshua Reeves, Patrick McDavitt and Ella Tindal

27 February - 16 March 2019
Opening Night Tuesday 26 February 2019, 5-8PM

Our mutant children will not understand our creations.
You might not either.
They are born of a time which once was but will never be again
A future and a past unknown, a present understood but uncertain.
They will remain, vitrified and permanent in their states until perhaps one day their parts are realised again.
Bitchumen, Earth, Bolts, Glass, Perspex, Glaze. Our immediate environment fired in our guts.
They are not precious
But they are the remnants of our most darling flesh
Fired into being.
They are the heirlooms we pass down to our senseless children.

Heirlooms for Mutant Children suggests trajectories for a future through ceramic objects which engage with traditional and contemporary ceramic production methods. This disparate selection of contemporary ceramic works explore concepts of the queer body and identity; archaeology and environmental degradation; loss; language and text; and childhood, while responding to an overall theme of physical and mental malformation. We have created art that is experimental, provocative and at times grotesque. They are the precious heirlooms one might pass down through generations yet they are signifiers of a tense and confused modern climate.

Image: Rosy Leake, ‘Mangrove mountain 1970-2018’, (detail) 2018. Fired found clay and objects, dimensions variable. 

Images courtesy of the artist and Kudos Gallery. Photos: Liam Black

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