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2013.01-2013.10 Kudos Exhibitions

Hungry Ghost/ Amber Camille Jacobs
After the Mayans/ Group Show
Launch Sequence/ Group Show
Chances We Take/ Jane Fontane
Proximity/ Group Show
Performance Anxiety/ Ben Rak
Illusion/ Tom Rynne
Walking Mountains: Responses from the Heart/ Group Show
Morphology/ Group Show
Emerging Topology/ Josh Harle
2013.11-2013.20 Kudos Exhibitions

Mark Visone
Point of View/ Group Show
Black Noise/ Susane Pratt
Golden Century/ Jason Phu
Cold Eels and Distant Things/ Group Show
Weird Woods/ Daniel Lethean Higson and Paden Hunter
The Shape of Things to Come/ Group Show
Safekeeping/ Melanie Beresford
The Whispering Gallery/ Lea Donnan
A Place of Milk and Honey/ Annie Kennedy
2013.21-2013.30 Kudos Exhibitions

Tim Olsen Drawing Prize 2013
Kudos Award
Titles/ Stella Rosa McDonald
Talk Show (after the break)/ Group Show
Wank Generation/ Claire Pony and Coyote the Blimp
Glaze of our Lives/ Group Show
Ingrid Misson
Searching Within/ Yulia Fomenko and Sylvia Riley
Andrew Haining
Occulus Sinister/ Group Show

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