2013.11-2013.20 Kudos Exhibitions

11. Mark Visone 

28 May - 1 June  

Even though the questioning nature of art makes the use and manipulation of a 'gender toolbox' subjective and vague, recognition and use of these differences may allow the mature artist of either gender to suggest an emphasis towards masculinity or femininity in their own work.

12. Point of View 

Josh Harle, Chris Henschke and Volker Kuchelmeister  

4 - 15 June 

Presented by the College of Fine Arts and ISEA International Symposium on Electronic Art 2013, this exhibition explores the boundaries between real and virtual space and the relationship between observer and observed. It utilises electronic media to investigate the limitations traditional ocular optics put on our perception of mediated imagery while exploring and exploding the boundaries of the cinematic image.

13.Black Noise

Susanne Pratt 

18 - 22 June 

Drilling, blasting, heavy trucks, dozers, excavators, crushers coal trains, bulldozers, front end loaders, the throb of machinery-for those living by coal mining sites these are the vibrations of their night; the sounds of their day. But for the large majority of us-an 'us' removed from the extraction and manufacturing of coal-these sounds are a kind of black-noise, inaudible. Yet, these black-noises and the practices that generate these phenomena are impacting the climate in chaotic ways: after the black-noise we see the floods, the droughts and the various outages.

14. 女士门先生门,2008 年 H 。M 。S 。GOLDEN CENTURY 即将进攻 BONDIBEACH 。注意安全,一路顺风 。 


Jason Phu 

25 - 29 June   









15. Cold Eels and Distant Thoughts

Michael Aird, Darren Bell, Mervyn Bishop, Adam Hill, Gary Lee, Ricky Maynard, Peter McKenzie, Michael Riley, and Jason Wing  

Curated by Djon Mundine OAM, Independent Aboriginal Art Curator, PhD Candidate COFA, UNSW 

3 - 13 July  

A travelling exhibition of photographs of Aboriginal men by nine Aboriginal male photographers. 

The enigmatic title of the exhibition comes from a statement by Afro-American boxer Jack Johnson (1878-1946). When asked why white women were attracted to black men, Johnson amusingly 

and cryptically replied: 'We eat cold eels and think distant thoughts.' 

Exhibition curator Djon Mundine OAM said "The first photographs of Australian Aboriginal people were taken in 1847: eight years after the invention of photography as we know it. Photographers of these times searched for the stereotyped 'primitive' and posed their Aboriginal subjects accordingly. It was only towards the end of the 1800s/early 1900s that some, still unrecognised Aboriginal people moved behind the camera to record their own vision. This exhibition is part of that story." 

The enigmatic title of the exhibition comes from a statement by Afro-American boxer Jack Johnson (1878-1946). When asked why white women were attracted to black men, Johnson amusingly and cryptically replied: 'We eat cold eels and think distant thoughts.'

16. Weird Woods 

Daniel Lethlean Higson and Paden Hunter 

16 - 20 July  

The clearing amongst the ancient trees, the lost city, the wizard's hut, the prehistoric island, the mysterious planetoid. 

Weird Woods is a compendium of strange and esoteric worlds brought into being through scribblings and dreamscapes. Born out of the vivid but half-remembered memories of Saturday morning cartoons, Weird Woods seeks to investigate the relationship of the cartoon object to the cartoon place.

 Weird Woods will present a series of works on paper by emerging artists Daniel Lethlean Higson and Paden Hunter.

17. The Shape of Things to Come

23 July - 3 August  

COFA BFA Hon's Exhibition at the halfway mark & the GBK Awards at Kudos Gallery & COFAspace.

18. Safekeeping

Melanie Beresford 

6 - 10 August  

Finding security and losing it, often goes hand in hand. It's a little like hide and seek. In response, we find ways to protect ourselves from loss but the truth is, loss is a part of life. Using the home as a metaphor for exploring Attachment Theory, I have created various installations, videos and drawings in an attempt to capture a sense of how we deal with the inevitable.

19. The Whispering Gallery 

Lea Donnan 

13 - 24 Aug  

With tactile, meditative imagery often horrifying and beautiful, Donnan presents a catalogue of situations and artifacts suggesting a disintegration of the underpinnings of global culture. Using self-immersive techniques to employ her own trans-cultural lens, Donnan details the places at which this global culture have begun to fray. 

20. A Place of Milk and Honey 

Annie Kennedy 

27 - 31 August 

Using video, photography and sculptural forms, Kennedy has been exploring what it meant to be displaced from a familiar community, the difficulty of establishing connections to a new home and her search for personal identity and belonging in a new family.

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