2013.21-2013-30 Kudos Exhibitions

21. Tim Olsen Drawing Prize 

3 - 14 September  

The Tim Olsen Drawing Prize is a collaborative initiative between the Tim Olsen Gallery and the Department of Drawing and Painting at COFA. This  collaboration has been continuously supported by Tim Olsen Gallery and the new venture - OLSEN IRWIN. With the intention of encouraging excellence in drawing the Tim Olsen Drawing Prize, now in its thirteenth year, and the accompanying exhibition are important events in the College and School of Art calendar.

22. Kudos Award 

17 - 28 September  

Featuring a whopping $1,500 prize money from Arc @ COFA and a stack of industry donated goodies, the Kudos Award has set off the careers of some of COFA's hottest talent over the past decade. Now in its 12th year, this annual program seeks to recognise innovation and excellence across all disciplines at COFA.

23. Titles

Stella Rosa McDonald 

1 - 12 October  

Through video, print and photography Stella Rosa McDonald explores the role of writing, reading and editing in relation to the processes of representation. Titles establishes a link between the written word and the image and plays with the near collision of both.

24. Talk Show (after the break)

Curated by JD Reforma and Sandra Di Palma 

15 - 26 October  

Talk Show (after the break)  is the second of a two-part exhibition, featuring the work of seven artists who have been invited to respond to the landscape of this eponymous genre of televisual entertainment.

25. Wank Generation

Claire Pony and Coyote the Blimp 

29 October - 9 November  

The dynamic duo claire pony and Coyote the Blimp showcase their works of ceramics, drawing and printmaking.

26. Glaze of our Lives

Curated by Kristian Führer 

Glaze of Our Lives presents a diverse range of works produced by students in the ceramics faculty at COFA with the intention of providing an insight into the potential possibilities of working with the clay medium.

27. Ingrid Mission  

12 - 23 November  

28. Searching Within

Yulia Fomenko and Sylvia Riley

26 - 30 Nov 

Exploration through variety of media and support of human innate and historical need for objectivity and meaning in art.

29. Andrew Haining

3 - 7 December

30. Oculus Sinister

Brett Breedon, Kieran Butler, Renate Rienmueller & Katherine Rooke 

10 - 14 December  

Oculus Sinister seeks to find new ways to consider contemporary photographic practice and what constitutes a photograph. The artists produce work informed by the history of photography and it's processes that speak of the underlying nature of the photographic image.

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