2009.01-2009.10 Kudos Exhibitions

An Artistic Investivation and Subersion of Scopophilia
Flight of Fancy/ Group Show
Irreversible Encounters and the Point of No Return/ Katherin Olston
Dark Hall/ Group Show
Out of the Frying Pan.../ Keith Chidzey
Articulating the Grid/ Simon Taylor
5th Constructive Cannibalism & Structural Studies/ Alex Greene
Becp,omg/ Group Show
Do You Remember Patrida (Homeland)/ Sue Soliman & Athena Xenakis
Cover Me: Animal Defenses, Armour and the Amulet/ Kamila Shepherd

2009.11-2009.25 Kudos Exhibitions

Reaching Likeness through Unlikeness/ Wemin Li
Greece Past and Present/ Maria Sarri
Not I/ A Pllay Chandelier/ A Chandelier/ Marian Tubbs
on EST (we ARE)/ Melanie Boreham
Buzzing/ Abdullah M. I. Syed
Solo and Pas de Deux/ The Talesmiths Prduction
Dislocation/ Group Show
Urban Fragments & Narratives/ Group Show
Dissonance/ Group Show
Thaumaturgy/ Group Show
Tim Olsen Drawing Prize 2009/
Caught in Art/ Group Show
Landscapes: A Journey home in Textiles
Lighten/ Group Show
Porosity: e-scape/ Group Show

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