2009.11-2009.25 Kudos Exhibitions

11. Reaching Likeness through Unlikeness 

Wenmin Li 

10 March- 14 March

Opening: 5-7.30 PM 10 March

This body of work from Wenmin Li's current PhD study searches for a way of interpreting and applying a particular concept in Chinese traditional painting in contemporary drawing practice.
ID: Drawing of a crow in profile. It has an open mouth, blue eye, and green legs. It has been messily coloured in bright red pen.

12. Greece Past and Present 

Maria Sarri 

19 May- 23 May

Opening: 5-7.30 PM 19 May

Gifted and inventive, Maria's love for paintings has seen her become one of Greece's finest artists, travelling the world exhibiting her works. In this rare exhibition, Maria brings a collection of her work offering the beauty of Greek landscape and architecture.

13. Not I/ A Play Chandeleir/ A Chandeleir

Marian Tubbs 

26 May- 6 June

Opening: 5-7.30pm 26 May 

A two-part installation, a video re-imagination of Samuel Beckett's play 'Not I' and 'Chandelier' a meditation on value and content in art and luxury design.
ID: Diptych-  left panel: red lips and an open mouth; right panel- Crumpled packing tape, blue on on side. There are vertical striations of blue and red.

14. on EST (we ARE)

Melanie Boreham 

9 June- 20 June

Opening: 5-7.30PM 9 June 

This exhibition engages with society's increasing vulnerability to the consummation of imagery. Through sensitivity and diverse range in media, Melanie's 2D works depict a raw humanity that create a greater sensory experience and yearns for depth of meaning.
ID: Mixed media illustration of a woman's head and shoulders. She is holding a strand of her red hair in front of her. Behind her, her hair fans out. The hair is embroidered.

15. Buzzing

Abdullah M. I. Syed

23 June- 4 July

Opening 5.730 PM 23 June

"It's just a beehive theory. We should have just let the beehive sit there and hope the bees don't come out of the hive? ... And somehow, to suggest that bees would stay in the hive is naive." President George W. Bush - 2008
ID: Extreme closeup crop of the lower half of a face with a neat black moustache. In the open mouth is a red rose like a ballgag. Strung at chin-level are strings of black razorblades, which resemble a necklace or beard.

16. Solo and Pas de Deux

The Talesmiths Production 

7 July- 18 July

Opening: 5-7.30 PM 7 July

Solo and Pas de Deux is a unique event to take place at Kudos Gallery.  Featuring work of a leading contemporary dance figure - Tamara Gulic, the audience is invited to the preview of the upcoming documentary about this truly extraordinary artist.

17. Dislocation

Bernardo Bento, Margarita Echavarria, Andrew Moran, Wei Ning, Jason Phu, 'Pong, Ben Rak, Yadnyesh Shirwadkar, Tushar M Wahab, Michael Waite 

Curated by The SRC@COFA International officer Lisa Lee. 

21 July- 1 August

Opening: 5-7.30 PM  21 July  

Local and International students at COFA come together in a culturally diverse exhibition exploring issues surrounding being away from home, long distance love, non comfort zones, financial troubles, and challenges faced in a foreign or unfamiliar situation, setting or place.
ID: A vintage suitcase covered in stickers, next to an unsealed road. Grass is growing between the tracks from tire-tracks.

18. Urban Fragments & Narratives

Joel Burrows, Tara Cook, Alex Kiers, George Nagel, Amy Thornett, Lucy Thornett 

4 August- 15 August

Opening: 5-7.30 PM 4 August

'Urban Fragments and Narratives' refers to narratives both of the individual that inhabits a city and the narratives held in the urban environment itself. The exhibition explores the notion of the city as a place of converging identities, ideas and environments; reflected in the diversity of disciplines and ideas within the exhibition itself. A micro city is created; a semi-chaotic environment in which different ideas, forms, aesthetics and mediums coexist.
ID:A lineup of refuse including empty tubs, a small tv, mannequin head and a red wheelie bin.

19. Dissonance

Curated by the SRC@COFA Womens Officers Natasha and Rivka. 

18 August- 29 August

Opening: 5-7.30 PM 18 August

An annual exhibition of works by womyn challenging, question and opening new dialogue around identity, experience and expression. Supported by Arc and SRC@COFA.
ID: Light photography of green, orange and red neon swirls against a dark background.

20. Thaumaturgy

Alice Amsel, Amy Craig, Anna Chase, Daniel Green, Katherine Corcoran, Kate Brown, Katherine Saunders, Louise Dibbens, Marian Tubbs, Peter Newman, Samuel Bruce, Sian McIntyre, Torunn Higgins, T.R Carter, Zan Lockyer.
Curated by Anastasia Freeman. 

1 September- 12 September

Opening: 5-7.30 PM 1 September

(thaw-muh-tur-jee meaning wonder making or magic) 

An exhibition featuring fifteen artists considering the notion of enchantment. In times of turmoil and disenchantment, how can we become re-enchanted with the world around us?
ID: Composite photo of a dark street, and a downcast eye, oriented upside down. The image is in sepia tones.


21. Tim Olsen Drawing Prize 2009

15 September- 26 September

Opening: 5-7.30 PM 15 September

A collaborative initiative, now in its ninth year, between the Tim Olsen Gallery and the Department of Drawing and Painting at COFA, with the intention of encouraging excellence in drawing.
ID: Image made of perforated pinpricks of a river or songlines. The image is lit from behind, casting the image in light on a nearby wall.

22. Caught In the Act

Lachlan Anthony, Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris with Marcel Cooper, Chloe Hughes, Andrew Moran, Ivan Muñiz Reed, Taylor and Kirkwood and Giselle Stanborough

Curated by Sandra Di Palma
29 September- 10 October

Opening: 5-7.30 PM 29 September

An exhibition featuring the latest work by a new generation of promising young Sydney-based artists. Together they demonstrate why it's better to be caught now rather than later.
ID: Naive style illustration of a vase bordered with pink flowers. In the middle of the vase, a man has his arms raised to smash a vase, which looks similar to the larger vase.

23. Landscapes: A Journey Home in Textiles

Georgia Graham, Rodney Love, Brook Morgan, Belinda von Mengersen, Alison Muir, Paula do Prado, Joanna Redestowicz, Lucy Simpson, and Liz Williamson.

Curated by Sarah Evans
27 October- 7 November

Opening: 5-7.30 PM 27 October

In Poetics of Space Gaston Bachelard explored the significance of the spaces we identify as 'home'; "how we take root day after day in a corner of the world".  

This exhibition explores how the landscape of home "shelters day-dreaming, . . . protects the dreamer, . . . allows one to dream in peace." A journey home in textiles.
ID: A line of grasses, hair and natural fibres, bound at the midsection with fine red thread.


24. Lighten

10 November- 21 November

Opening: 5-7.30 PM 10 October

COFA 2nd Year Applied Object Design students explore alternative lighting sources in diverse contexts, whilst uniting in an effort to lighten the load on the earth's natural resources.
ID: A fluorescent blue doughnut illuminating the space around it. It is hanging from a rope.


25. Porocity: e-scape

24 November- 5 December

Opening: 5-7.30 PM 24 November

An exhibition of student works from the Porosity Cardiff and Porosity Shanghai. Radical Transformations: Crossing Cultures, Bodies and Cities. As part of the COFA Annual 2009.


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