2009.01-2009.10 Kudos Exhibitions

Camp Eks Reigh/ Group Show
Domestic Love/ Group Show
Cloud Field/ Michaela Gleave
Praxis/ Group Show
Cute But Ugly/ Kristone Capristrano
Revealing & Reliving/ Tim Anastasi and Angelo Polisogopoulos
In Black/ Susanna Strati
Skin Deep/ Maria Crhistou and Nick Baldas
He Said She Said/ Group Show
Fujifilm Site Unseen
2007.11-2007.20 Kudos Exhibitions

Down to earth/ Group Show
Compass II/ Atanas Djonov
Sensorium/ Dave Withers and Lachlan Anthony
Parasite Rotterdam/ Group Show
Under Her Skin/ Katherin Olston
Spaced In/ Group Show
Latitudinara/ Sandra Landolt
Camera Mortuaria/ Tina Fiveash
Dissonance/ Group Show
The Private Lives of Ups and Downs/ Anna John and Keg De Souza
2007.11-2007.28 Kudos Exhibitions

Dislocation/ Group Show
Tim Olsen Drawing Prize 2007
Contemporary Tales of Muted Truths/ Amanda Wood and Manuela Alebardi
Golden Ticket- Arc @ UNSW Emerging Artist & Designers Award
Liqu(id)/ Group Show
The Alumni Prize/ Group Show
Grotto Metro/ Justin Shoulder
Time and Reference/ Group Show

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