2002.01-2002.10 Kudos Exhibitions

Sophie Balchin
Fernando Pino
The Annual Greek Festival- Journey to Kythera/ Alex Ermalaeff
The Annual Greek Festival- Without Boundaries/ Maria Sifonios
The Annual Greek Festival- To Aloni (The Threshing Floor)/ Ellena Raddos
Xu Wang
Microcope/ Group Show
Alumni Paper Works
Generation/ Simon Cooper
2002.11-2002.26 Kudos Exhibitions

Representations/ Richard Van Der AA
Beyond teh Other/ Group Show
Dissonance/ Group Show
Death Wobbles/ Michael Lindeman
Dislocation/ Group Show
Alumni Student Prize/ Group Show
Blinded by the Similarities/ Leanne Shedlezki
Exegesis/ Damien March
Jacquelene Drinkall
Jo Meares
National Tertiary Art Prize
City Fragments/ Lydia Sun and the Korean Association
Fiction City/ Maria Ionico
Alumni Association Art Prize

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