2002.01-2002.10 Kudos Exhibitions

01 Praxis

Exhibition Dates: 21 – 30 January 

The fourth annual exhibition for technical, campus art store and general staff from COFA.

02 Sophie Balchin

Exhibition Dates: 4 – 16 February 

Master of Art Painting show. Influenced by Bonnard and Heron, Balchin explores colour by representing her experiences within the urban environment.

03 Fernando Pino

Exhibition Dates: 18 – 23 February 

Master of Fine Art show. Structural installation including an artist book along with a number of performance pieces.

4 The Annual Greek Festival – Journey to Kythera

Alex Ermalaeff

Exhibition Dates: 8-11 March


05 The Annual Greek Festival – Without Boundaries

Maria Sifonios

Exhibition Dates: 12 – 21 March

06 The Annual Greek Festival – To Aloni (The Threshing Floor)

Ellena Raddos

Exhibition Dates: 22 – 31 March


07 Xu Wang

Exhibition Dates: 1 –13 April 

Chinese calligraphic painting and 20th century Western linear painting have influenced Wang's Sydney urban landscape paintings.

08 Microscope

Mark Brown, Nerine Martini, Mr Snow, Luke Foster, Allen Giddy, and Claire Martin

Exhibition Dates: 15 – 27 April 

A group exhibition of artists exploring the format of the 'miniature'.


09 Alumni Paper Works

Exhibition Dates: 29 April – 4 May 

COFA Alumni members and students are invited to submit a work on paper for selection in this one week group exhibition.

10 Generation

Simon Cooper

Exhibition Dates: 6-8 May

A minimal intervention in the cultural structures that help define control and maintain who and what we believe we are.

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