2002.11-2007.26 Kudos Exhibitions

11. Stasis

Emily Jones and Anna Jaaniste

Exhibition Dates: 20 May – 1 June  

Installation using various materials as a vehicle concerning ideas of the body in space and the memory of this.

12. Fantastic Refuge

Kylie Bannard

Exhibition Dates: 3 – 15 June 

Using the beetroot as a muse, Bannard presents large oil paintings, photography along with a performance.

13. Representations

Richard Van Der AA

Exhibition Dates: 17 – 29 June 

The exhibition deals with removing objects from their original context and representing them at Kudos Gallery with a new function and meaning.

14. Beyond the Other

Kirsten Hillman, Leonie Savvides, Sam Smith, Davis Westerman

Exhibition Dates: 1 – 13 July 

A group contemporary installation performance and meida arts exhibition exploring the intriguing new worlds and uncanny physical spaces.

15. Dissonance

Exhibition Dates: 15 – 27 July 

Annual feminist exhibition curated by the COFA Student's Association Women's Collective.

16. Death Wobbles

Michael Lindeman

Exhibition Dates: 29 July – 10 August 

An ironic expose of folly dealing with the Australian identity using video, performance, installation painting, and assemblage.

17. Dislocation

Exhibition Dates: 12 – 24 August 

Group exhibition as part of the International Student Week program. Curated by COFA SA International Student Officer, Lisa Anne.

18. Alumni Student Prize

Exhibition Dates; 26 – 31 August 

COFA students are invited to submit work for this Student Art Competition hosted by the COFA Alumni Association

19.  Blinded by the Similarities

Leanne Shedlezki

Exhibition Dates: 2 – 14 September 

A solo exhibition of print-making, mixed media and installation exploring difference and identity of being a twin

20.  Exegesis

Damien March

Exhibition Dates: 16 – 21 September 

A solo exhibition of installation and performance as part of the academic requirements of finaly year PHD research.

21. Jacquelene Drinkall

Exhibition Dates: 30 September – 5 October 

A solo exhibition of video, photo weaving and installation as part of the academic requirements of final year PHD Art History Theory research.

22. Jo Meares

Exhibition Dates: 7 – 19 October 

A solo photography exhibition by recent Master of Art graduate.

23. National Tertiary Art Prize

Exhibition Dates: 21 October – 2 November 

11th Annual National Tertiary Art Prize selected from campus competitions and state finals. Hosted in 2002 by the UNSW Union and the COFA Student's Association.

24. City Fragments

Lydia Sun and The Korean Association

Exhibition Dates: 4 – 9 November 

Group exhibition casing an array of oil and acrylic abstract paintings dealing with fragments of Eastern and Western cultures.

25. Fiction City

Maria Ionico

Exhibition Dates: 11 – 23 November 

An installation of a fictional city, featuring glowing electric blue skyscrapers.

26. Alumni Association Art Prize

Exhibition Dates: 25 November – 7 December 

Annual Alumni open category acquisitive prize.



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