2001.01-2001.10 Kudos Exhibitions

Praxis/ Group Exhibition
Remembered Landscapes and the Sublime/ Lucila Nalvarte-Maddox
DIASPORA/ Group Exhibition
Out of Place x 4
It Must be Friday/ Kay Lyon
Foundation Series, SA Art Collection/ Group Show
Synthesis/ Penny McKay
Alumni on Paper/ Group Exhibition
Location to Die For/ Sean Coreiro and Claire Healy
Training Tasks/ Damian Marsh and Lisar Cooper2001
2001.11-2001.21 Kudos Exhibitions

WorkOUt/ Terry Culvar
Context/ Group Exhibition
Dissonance/ Group Exhibition
Through the Looking/ Jennine Primmer
Travel Agents/ Louisa Dawson
Risque/ Group Exhibition
Hanging By a Thread/ Josh Honeyman
Here There Then Now/ Lorraine Brown
Taurus/ Paul Harris
Into the Skin/ Group Show
COFA Alumni Chapter Acquisitive Prize/ /Group Exhibition

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