2001.01-2001.10 Kudos Exhibitions

01. Prax-is

Group Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 15 – 27 January 

Group exhibition by technical and general staff from the College of Fine Arts including the Campus Art Store. Annual event.

02. Remembered Landscapes and the Sublime

Lucila Nalvarte-Maddox

Exibition Dates: 19 – 24 February 

Solo painting exhibition. A series of paintings capturing the atmosphere that diffused the landscape of a world that lives in the artist’s memory.


Group exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 1 – 31 March 

Diaspora is a body of individuals of Greek descent who recognise the importance of the arts in preserving and enhancing our unique culture and dual artistic heritage. Part of the 19th Annual Greek Arts Festival of Sydney.

04. Out of Place x 4

Akiko Miyazaki, Cath Kelaher, Katina Skylas, Kate Shaw

Exhibition Dates: 17 – 28 April 

This is the first exhibition by these four artists from COFA. The work shares common themes of urban place, identity and dislocation. Mediums included are oils, mixed media, drawing, and acrylic


05. It Must Be Friday

Kay Lyon

Exhibition Dates: 30 April – 12 May 

A solo exhibition of paintings, drawings and installation. Kay’s work represents five generations of women in Australia, handling aspects of Irish Celtic culture from mother to daughter. The square diamond in Kay’s work is a metaphor pertaining to that culture.

06. Foundation Series, SA Art Collection

Group Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 14 – 26 May 

Foundation series is an exhibition about beginnings and opportunities. By recognising the importance of acquiring art work early in the artist’s career, the Student’s Association Collection is a growing movement to the belief in the future artist from the College of Fine Arts.


07. Synthesis

Penny McKay

Exhibition Dates: 28 May – 8 June 

A mixed media exhibition. This exhibition will provide an insight into the conceptual and practical aspects that are available at COFA. The exhibition provides a more comprehensive understanding of the process involved in conceptual art by combining elements of art, research, and theory.

08. Alumni on Paper

Group Exhibition

Exhibition Dates:: 11 – 23 June 

A group exhibition by members of the COFA Alumni Chapter. Works include drawing, mixed media and photography.

09. Location to Die For…

Sean Coreiro and Claire Healy

Exhibition Dates: 25 June – 7 July 

Using the mediums of both painting and large-scale installation, Sean Coreiro and Claire Healy’s work will investigate the dreams that are created from the detritus of the immediate environment.

10. Training Tasks

Damien Marsh, Lisa Cooper

Exhibition Dates: 9 – 14 July 

Damien used the space as a private studio for video experimentation with artist Lisa Cooper



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