2001.11-2001.21 Kudos Exhibitions

11. WorkOut

Terry Culvar

Exhibition Dates: 18 July – 4 August 

Using installation, Terry Culvar investigates how contemporary codes of masculinity are inscribed onto the male body, with particular emphasis on body building.

12. Context

Group Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 6 – 12 August 

Group exhibition by COFA students and staff challenge the meaning of text in visual arts practice. Tour to Walt Space Newcastle. Curated by Jade Markham.


13. Dissonance

Group Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 13 – 26 August 

Group feminist exhibition, annual event coordinated by the COFA Women’s Department.

14. Through the Looking

Jennine Primmer

Exhibition Dates: 27 August – 8 September 

The work is primarily about entrapment within society and within the mind – it is about the natural environment versus the artificial environment. The paintings are allegorical and poetic. The work is intended to be both sad and funny.

15. Travel Agents

Louisa Dawson

10 – 22 September 

The artist is interested in social mobility and the inequalities that arise through the theme of travel. The exhibition explores the permanent side of travel and journey’s we take. This includes how we remember our travels, through mementos, sounds, footprints and photos.

16. Risque

Group Exhibition

25 September – 6 October 

Erotica has always been a part of popular culture in some form, yet self-confessed erotica in the visual arts is incredibly ‘RISQUE’. The concept of this exhibition is to ‘out’ and celebrate erotic art at COFA as well as pushing the boundaries of sex and censorship. Supported by the Sexuality Department, Student’s Association.


17. Hanging by a Thread

Josh Honeyman

8 – 20 October 

Large glossy enamelled areas of paint in conjunction with computer graphics are played against gestural brushwork and squeegeed paint.

18. Here There Then Now

Lorraine Brown

22 October – 3 November

Solo exhibition show casing etchings, woodcuts and oil paintings.

19. Taurus

Paul Harris

5 – 10 November 

Through the use of installation/performance the identity of a tycoon will be captured by creating fictional characters who are occupied with mundane activities.

20. Into the Skin

Jessie Cacchillo, Richard Ellard, Renata Petanceski

12 – 24 November 

Notions of memory, identity and spirituality pervade and weave together these desperate artist’s practices through the use of painting and photography.


21. COFA Alumni Chapter Acquisitive Prize

Group Exhibition

26– 8 December

Annual acquisitive ex students exhibition. Judged by Courtney Kidd.


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