My daily average phone screen time ranges between 2hrs 13min and 5hrs 28min. My screen tells me this every week, and compares my performance to the week before. I feel consumed and defined by my relationship with digital media, with the digital image. I am made of flesh but my life is not. In the near future I'd like to continue making art that articulates my feelings in the digital worlds I encounter and rely on. I'd like to work with other emerging artists who are interested in responding to the digital spaces around them. I'd like to collaborate and show my work online, at Uni, at ARI's and maybe beyond. To choose a career as an artist seems like a pretty strange decision in 2021, but I think it's one I'd like to make.


I've travelled the world through my screens. I've made memories and created familiarity with places I've never physically been to. But what do I do with all these memories, with all of these images thrusted upon me through a screen? Are they as important as their real life counterparts?
My project is a series of cropped still images collected from TV, film and video games. The chosen TV shows, films and games are all set in New York City. The series of images, at this stage, can be encountered through a physical photo album and or through an online travel blog. For me, New York City exists as a fictional place. A place I have never been to, yet a place I have memories from and a connection to. Framing the fictional as real has helped me make sense of the digital adventures I've been on.

My Trip to New York, 2021, Collection of printed and digital photographs.