I am Yanti Peng, 彭妍缇 an interdisciplinary designer with a love for creative directing. Focused on 3D visualisation as well as styling and photography. With visual remnants of glamour, camp and Hainan anchored in my aesthetic. I tend to place emphasis on body-wears to represent my themes.
Combing 2D styled photographs with 3D environments are experimentations that have began to ground my style as a designer. I take an anthropological outlook within my creative process. My works are often formed by my observations of people and the emotional ties that I unearth. Investigating like a documenter is how I frame my approach.


A commentary on the iteration of the self. Moving on and letting go. I centre Yanti in this piece of work, to murder myself, allowing a change to emerge. Embodying a catharsis of emotion, insecurities and a renewal of views.

Evolving from the old to new, within the up-cycled clothing I adorned myself in, a meta-physical change occurs. A change of Fashions, perspectives and understanding.

Moving On, 3D,Photography and Styling, 2021, Dimensions: 1440 x 1800 px.