Oscar works on Gadigal land. His practice (much to his housemates' delight) revolves around collecting large amounts of mouldy cardboard and plastic, and storing them strategically for later use. He imagines his artworks as "future capsules"; images collated from the scraps of the present, left to rot, intended both as an articulation of trajectory and a resource for the present. He uses pyrography and collage and increasingly likes to dips his proverbial toes in digital mediums. His next project is to steal the eerie Mirvac "artists impressions" from the huge property development around the corner form him, and make a collage from it.


The world's oldest known painting is a 64,000 year old handprint.
Red ochre sprayed into the void left between fingers splayed against a rockface.
In another 64,000 years,
all the plastics spawned by profit will have broken down into particles invisible to the naked eye,
assimilated with creek-beds and gulf streams.
The signs and symbols which discipline our bodies now, will be nothing more than dust to press between the future's fingers.

Untitled (Nana Lou's Endangered Species), 2021, Pyrography, acrylic gouache, tax return (c. 1998), corroded photos from Bourke tip, hazard tape, & 2000 Indonesian Rupiah on MDF (scanned and digitally edited), 7990 x 12408 px