Currents of Exchange

Kate Brown

Space One
13 June - 30 June 2018
Opening night Tuesday 12 June 2019, 5-8 PM

Currents of Exchange explores the relationship between objects, how they are observed, interpreted and interacted with during vocal performance. The representation of an object can be defined by a single reality, position and cultural perspective. Over the duration of the exhibition Kate will present 3 vocal performances where she will change or shift some components in the space.

Object Oriented Ontology and Participation Mystique are two key frameworks relevant to the research that has influenced this current body of work.

Sound is absorbed or ricocheted via a vocal body in a designated space. Some sounds notated and improvised, however the interaction across the space will determine the vocal outcomes volume and extension or brevity. As images develop during this interaction an audience can interpret the evolving framework. There are designated parameters within each performance alongside an unfolding of ephemeral, otherworldly and physical vocal elements that will continue to change the pace of the work as it develops.

Currents of Exchange Room Sheet (opens in new window)

Cover image: Courtesy of the artist

Images courtesy of the artist and Kudos Gallery. Photos: Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer

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