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Archiving Apocalypse

Joel Hedge, Blake Wilson, Tahlia Carr, Bruno Panucci
Curated by Melissa Mills

Space Trwo
13 June - 30 June 2018
Opening night Tuesday 12 June 2018, 5-8 PM

Rather than an event insurmountable, universal and definitive, Archiving Apocalypse considers the idea of ‘apocalypse’ as a lived experience, which is often personal, political and cultural. Engaged with the idea of living through and with apocalypse, the artists in this exhibition turn to experimental methods of representation to produce meaning, community and critical discourse surrounding what is recorded (and how), and what is left behind.

Working with installation, video work, VR, ceramic, and material collage, each artist takes up an individual idea of ‘apocalypse’ in the form of colonisation, the history of HIV, experiences of mental illness and gender dysphoria, and ecological disaster. Reaching back through the past, into the present, and imagining the future for these temporal spaces of crisis also allows us to work with and through our global anxieties and histories.

Ideas of tangibility, temporality and duration also coalesce through the course of the show – works will be altered, destroyed or become different between the shows opening night and its final day. This brings to the fore a number of questions surrounding the role of the archive, and its susceptibility to destruction, misrepresentation and political control.

Special thanks to: Patrick Younis, Niko Plaskas, Celeste Carnegie, Matthew Shields, Joel Hedge, Fei Gao, Beau Mourer, Jarri Heydar, Phươngg Uyên, Dileepa Dayananda, Caitlin Welluno, Sophia Perilous Compton, Alana Anne Cotton, Cara David, Sïan Kelly, Luca Rex Holden, Mai Kanhukamwe, Brendan Donnellan, Mahn Lion, Tomasz Sierakowski, Miranda Longhurst.

Cover image: Courtesy of the artists
Images courtesy of the artists and Kudos Gallery. Photos: Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer

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