Kudos Live Vol. 3: Dual Existence

Eugene Choi, Get To Work, Amy Claire Isabelle, Loc Nguyen, Ella Byrne Curated by Kate Stodart

UNSW Art & Design Courtyard
5 June 2018, 6 - 9:30pm Kudos Gallery

Join Kudos as we take over the UNSW Art & Design courtyard for an evening of experimental performance practices for 'Kudos Live: Volume 3: Dual Existence' 'Kudos Live: Volume 3: Dual Existence' focuses on the relationship between the live act and its documentation. It considers the way certain narratives are edited, framed or removed in the process of documentation and the affects on audience’s later engagement and understanding. 'Dual Existence' looks to the potential for creative experimentation to find alternative ways of viewing live art. What role does documentation play? Can it be an extension of the performance? Or will it morph into something new? 

An exhibition, in September 2018, will further interrogate the documentation of 'Dual Existence' (be it visual, non-visual, re-enacted, collaborative, or ephemeral) with an aim to reflect on the scope of documentation’s possibilities and limitations.

The 'Kudos Live: Volume 3' night will also precede 'TALKIN’ ABOUT TALKIN’ ABOUT ART', a writing workshop exploring on approaches to writing on experimental and temporary performance works.

TALKIN’ ABOUT TALKIN’ ABOUT ART 6 June 2018, 11am - 2pm Kudos Gallery. Registration is required, to register and for more on TALKIN’ ABOUT TALKIN’ ABOUT ART HERE

Image: Ella Byrne, Traces, 2018, (video still), HD digital video, 3:30
Photos by Dominique Berns-Blackwell.

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