Making Way

Lachlan Herd 

1 July - 12 July 2014 
Opening Night Tuesday 1 July 2014, 5 - 7 PM

Making Way  presents new work by Lachlan Herd, exploring the eradication of barriers within the environment and the self as a means of sustaining progress. As an expanding population, we undertake ongoing demolitions of environmental obstacles, paving the way toward our collective needs and aspirations. As individuals we perform cyclic purgations of the past in preparation for onward movement and the attainment of our personal desires. In both acts we remove obstructions and move forward, yet a residue of nostalgia and regret remains. 

Through two major works incorporating performance, video and installation, Lachlan will experiment with celebratory acts of self destruction, investigate our relationship with the landscape as obstacle, and outline our obsession with progress.

ID: A blurred image of a person kneeling behind a ring of boxes. The features on the person's face are not visible. The person is wearing an orange shirt. In the foreground, the top of the boxes have been lit on fire. Either side of the figure in the background are two lit sparklers. The background is in shadow.

Image: Lachlan Herd

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