Matrix Buffering

Ryan Bell, Kel Henderson, Herbert Leota 

15 July - 19 July 2014 
Opening Night Tuesday 15 July 2014, 5 - 7 PM

Matrix Buffering is both a musical and filmic depiction of the spectacle we know as the Internet and its increasingly stronger presence within our everyday lives. Through the musical storytelling medium of rap and spoken-word poetry, Kel Henderson, Ryan Bell and Herbert Leota navigate from the shallow depths to the deep web, whilst painting an online-inspired bricolage of the matrix. 

The simulacra we project within this data-based realm are spiritually extensions of ourselves - alter-egos.  And it is through rappingalter-egosthis buffering matrix is illuminated. 

We are the Internet.
ID: Two grey silhouettes in a glitch-art style. Around the figures is vertical Chinese text descending like rain. Text at the bottom of the image reads "Matrix Buffering", in capital bitmap typeface. The image references the cyberpunk aesthetic of the Matrix film franchise.ß

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