Not My Mate

Hannah Carroll Harris, Ella Drinkwater, Mary Jo Costache, Catherine Jane, Alexandra Mitchell, Chrystal May Rimmer, Bronwen Williams 

17 June - 28 June 2014 
Opening Night Tuesday 17 June 2014, 5 - 7 PM

Drawing on Australia's notion of mateship to respond to the current government, this show brings together seven young artists working in a multitude of disciplines, from a range of backgrounds, and each with their own political qualms - from asylum seeker policies and environmental issues to the role of the media. We didn't vote him in, his party's actions and policies do not reflect our beliefs nor do we feel that they're beneficial to us, and we refuse to be silent - he's not our mate.

ID: A rural Australian landscape with tall grasses and gumtrees in the background. In the lower right-hand corner of the image, a man sits on a chair, with one leg propped up on his knee. One hand hangs loosely over his knee, while the other holds a Chinese takeaway box. The man is wearing an Akubra hat, and faces the camera despondently

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