Beth Dillon, Terrence Combos, Joe Pol, Mary Jo Costache, Ben Grey & Nikolaus Dolman 

3 June - 14 June 2014 
Opening Night Tuesday 3 June 2014, 5 - 7 PM

Selfies  explores the ephemeral power of the selfie, where vanity, obsession and repetition converge with our everyday virtual realities. selfies presents a raw and colourful blend of digital, object and performance art.

ID: A photo montage of portraits, against the background of a pond with waterlilies. In some images the people are wearing blue head-dresses, or large pink rosettes on their heads. The people are posing in groups, wearing pink kimonos with loose white pants. The edges of each set of portraits are clearly visible, as if they had been cut with scissors.

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