Shannon Field

Opening Night: 5 April

5 April- 16 April

Busted is… a mass police lineup made up of well-known colonialists like Elizabeth Macquarie and explorers such as Burke and Wills; placed alongside depictions of convicts from the first fleet (those historically silent). However, Field's interest is not so much in depicting the historical past; rather his concern is with exploring the relationship between Australia's convict history and the performance of contemporary Australian masculinity. Utilising various media from textiles to painting, plasticine and ink, Shannon work is at once bold, colourful and tactile. The grotesque and monstrous heads on display in 'Busted' thus represent the possibility of Australia's convict past reactivated in the present: the animation of the monstrous exile within ourselves.
ID: A blocky cartoon face with a triangular nose

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