Do You Have a Recurring Dream Space; Can You Describe It To Me

Marlaina Read

Opening Night 22 March

22 March- 2 April

"My interest is nurtured by a desire to intimate the links between perception, faith and memory and the spaces we inhabit, through slow revelation." - Marlaina Read

This work represents the culmination of work undertaken for Read's Masters of Fine Art in which she mounted an exploration into the sensations of pause and delay in viewing still images, particularly through the mnemonic possibilities created by viewing landscapes. The title itself refers to the way that images penetrate our consciousness only to be mediated by memory, in Read's own words "the image becomes a transition point for recollection, for hallucination." Read invites us all, through her ambiguous, dreamlike images, to pause and reflect.

ID: Black and white, upside-down view of a craggy mountainscape with clouds

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