Junk Piles & Dirty Styles

Paul Williams

Opening Night 19 April

19 April- 30 April  

"By exploring notions of absurdity, humour and absence found within displaced objects, this project- through a variety of disciplines- embraces the filth and forges a relationship with the world through studio detritus, popular culture and memory." - Paul Williams.

In Junk Piles and Dirty Styles, Williams engages aspects of contemporary masculinity, Australian popular culture and the urban landscape via painting, drawing, and sculpture. Challenging, while working within the possibilities of the ubiquitous "White Cube" Williams will transform Kudos from gallery into an ambiguous and playful space as a means to showcase the vibrant, virile and visceral works where they are most at home.

ID: Indistinct collage of silhouettes on a worn brown background. A barrel and the shape of a person can be seen, as well as cut-of text "Blind Bo-"

Painting. drawing sculpture

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