Slow Glow

Second Year Applied Object Design Lighting Project

Exhibition Opening: 8 November
8 November - 19 November

Visionary lighting designs to combat consumption and climate change.

The negative consequences of the continuous growth economy, particularly the unsustainable nature of many of the products manufactured since the Industrial Revolution, have forced designers to re-think their design practice in order to create a more balanced environment. Nowhere is this more evident than in lighting design.

'Slow Glow' is the name given to this year's lighting exhibition from 2nd year Applied/Object design students. The exhibition combines the theory of 'slow design' into contemporary lighting solutions for both domestic and commercial spaces. 'Slow Design' prompts a new model for design inspiring a move beyond economic markets to form a balance between cultural, environmental and spiritual wellbeing.

Students have been inspired by a range of influences such as the use of energy efficient lamps and technologies such as LED's.

ID: Pendant lights. One has a starburst made from green and blue glass bottles.

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