Living Patterns

Ben Norris, Pheobe Rathmell

Exhibition Opening: 26 October
26 October - 5 November

"In Western politics, bare life has the peculiar privilege of being that whose exclusion founds the city of men." -Giorgio Agamben, Homo Sacer.

Living Patterns is an exploration of the rhythm and ritual of the everyday. Ben Norris and Phoebe Rathmell explore the shared experience through their tangible, meditative sculptural pieces. While technological advances increasingly force a disjuncture between physicality and communication, the work of Norris and Rathmell is a timely rejoinder for us all to inhabit our own bodies and spaces.

This is an exhibition ruminating on the simple life, on its possibility and potential in a world in which we can easily become disconnected to that which is most important.

ID: Exhibition opening at Kudos Gallery, viewed from a stage. On the stage is a series of concentric circles made from matchsticks.

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