Breathing Room

Robyn Stuart

Exhibition Opening: 23 November
23 November - 3 December

This project/exhibition forms a key part of Robyn Stuart's research into the intersection of conceptual practices and theory in art, mathematics and philosophy. She is currently undertaking her postgraduate research into chaos theory and dynamical systems.

A key theorem in dynamical systems, known as the Poincare Recurrence Theorem, states that certain volume-preserving physical systems will, after a sufficient length of time, return to a state very close to the initial state. Stuart travelled to Lake Eyre to investigate the emotional and psychological landscape of such a system. Lake Eyre forms part of the Great Artesian Basin, and contains particles of water that fell as rain over 2 million years ago. Through video installation, essentially an investigation into the binary, Stuart will also explore the paradoxical sensation of vast spaces invoking feelings of crushing claustrophobia. In stark contrast to the adage that the ocean has no memory, Lake Eyre is a landscape with infinite memory- a landscape that allows the statement of the Poincare Recurrence Theorem to exert a powerful and crushing effect.

Produced by Nick Garner (Producer, Das Superpaper).

ID: Installation view of a three-panel video. The video depicts a beachscape of sand and shallow dunes.

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