Sturm Und Drang

Sebastian O'Reilly

Opening Night: 3 May 2011
3 - 14 May 2011

"Opening night 1 - people will see rubble bamboo and other detritus, makeshift lab with some elementary experiments/science dj table with monitors performed by me in special mad scientists costume, some hand drawn dinosaur plans displayed on wall, performance by special guest artist Sophie Clague" - Sebastian O'Reilly

Despite of (and perhaps even aided by) his ongoing war on punctuation, O'Reilly - as well as performance/artist/mad scientist- is a great communicator. In the first of Kudos' lab/exhibits (i.e. not exhibitions), O'Reilly will conduct "an experiment entailing the construction of a life size flying dinosaur" (or else fail spectacularly). What remains the promise is that it will be some kind of spectacle- the product of an innovative and experimental art school run by a university determined to treat artistic research just as it does scientific research (ad absurdum).

It is imperative that all those interested bear witness to the transformation of the gallery over this two-week period, as O'Reilly's commitment to work through all available hours manifests itself amidst his ongoing body of strange contraptions.

Mixed media collage of 3D textures including silver foil, plastic, concrete and glossy pink paint.

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