Mei Lin Meyers is a Sydney-based multidisciplinary artist working on unceded Darug country. Her practice (involving portraiture, video, and performance) examines the nuances of biracial identity and cultural absence. Mei Lin speaks to the multiplicity of the ‘Asian Australian’ experience and investigates the way in which whiteness functions both within the domestic space and wider society. She hopes to pursue artmaking as a mode to understand personal and collective experiences and expand her practice over the course of her Fine Arts degree.


Performed on Darug country, 'Intersection (An ode to Nu Gua)' is a 7-hour performance piece that gives physicality to the nuances of the biracial experience through abstract sculpture.
Drawing upon personal experiences as an Australian of European and Chinese heritage, 'Intersection (An ode to Nu Gua)' demonstrates the tiring process of searching for belonging and culture within a predominantly white context. Inspired by Chinese mythology, the performance was an exhausting process that mimicked the white snake goddess Nu Gua's lonesome and arduous story of creation.
Commencing at 6 am, I sewed my pursuit for identity into a 5-metre-long tentacle-like and modular form - made from various fabrics including 'Oriental' brocade and my grandmother's tablecloth. Throughout the performance I remained isolated with the rocks biting into my legs. It was freezing and I became numb.
Compounding the emotional and psychological exhaustion, often associated with the biracial experience, the work finds beauty in the intersection of identities. The cumulating sculpture is dynamic. It falls apart, can be reformed, and invites both reinterpretation and gro

Intersection (An ode to Nu Gua), 2017. 13 minute single-channel video