My practice focuses on jewellery hand fabrication, with methods including wax carving/casting for statement rings such as the 10 Pound Pom collection, 2019, (pictured right). My practice has expanded through developing ceramic skills. As a supplementary material in my practice, the ceramic elements bring these two collections together as a unique method of presentation. Conceptually, I use my creative practice to work through the human experience, more specifically coming to terms with loss and grief. I find that creative practice can be a therapeutic exercise through iteration and developing technical skills.


Heirloom 2021 (left) and 10 Pound Pom 2019 (right) are two iterations of using my creative practice to work through grief and loss. Both collections reflect themes of family history, and time and memory. Heirloom, 2021, works to convey the concept of holding time, representing the deterioration of my grandfather in his old age, whilst maintaining his memory through the depiction of a dominoes in each ring join. His set of dominoes has become a family heirloom - the object holding his memory within. 10 Pound Pom, 2019, draws from themes of family and history, documenting my interpretation of grandad's migration to Australia. He was a coal miner who migrated to and settled in Australia for prosperity. In Loving Memory (series) pays homage to my late grandfather, as his memory is manifested through these objects.

Title: In Loving Memory (Series) 2019-2021: 10 Pound Pom (2019), Heirloom (2021). Sterling silver, phosphor bronze, earthenware, iron oxide, clear satin glaze. H = 6cm, W = 12cm, L = 36cm.