I'm a second year Fine Arts student, working my illustration job and extracurriculars along-side it. My job involves creating illustrations for children's literacy books, worksheets, cards and posters. My extracurriculars include being a sub-designer for Tharunka, illustrator for the Student Cookbook, art subcommittee for Lo-fi Society and Media Director for Animal Crossing Society. I primarily work digitally from my iPad. My personal works revolve around my favourite pastel colours, focusing on themes of friendship and connection. I'm often inspired by the connection felt among my female friends, which I deeply value. I'm always drawing inspiration from these soft, warm, fluffy feelings, which aren't as talked about when it comes to friendships. Sometimes it feels like I'm in another world with my friends, so I like sitting in that world and making art from it while I'm there. My overall goal and motivator within my works is to create images or stories that evoke empathy, where you want to feel what the characters are feeling, where you're brought into the same world they're in, and you're given a small taste of what your own life can be. That's why I hope to illustrate children's books one day, among my dreams of editorial work for newspapers, magazines, ad campaigns and more!


My work is inspired by the love that myself and my friends have for one another and our late night conversations that feel like magic. Throughout the pandemic, we have all spent many late nights alone, huddled up in bed, nothing but the light of our phones illuminating the space around us, and the bright love and hope emanating from the words we send each other from suburbs, cities and states apart. Being vulnerable doesn't always feel so scary, it can feel very comforting if you're vulnerable with the right people. When they understand you without you having to talk yourself in circles, or even when you don't talk at all, it's incredible. This work was born out of those countless night's I've had, hours into deep conversation. I know my friends so well, sometimes I hear their voices through their messages, sometimes it feels like we're in the same room when we're actually miles away.

Vulnerability, 2021, Procreate App on iPad, 2400px x 3394px