Kate McGuinness is a visual artist living and working in Sydney. Her practise dives deep into the psyche through abstract comical expression predominantly articulated through video and performance. With sensibilities of the flaneur, Kate has been inhibited by an obsession with walking the infamous Parramatta Road in Sydney, which has led to the creation of her first feature film “How to walk to Parramatta”. Still intoxicated, she is currently in the early stages of production on her second (and much shorter) film entitled, ‘I like long walks on Parramatta road’. With hundreds of hours of footage she has collected on her walks, Kate hopes to challenge the bleak perception of Sydney’s oldest road.


is a four and a half hour documentary film/tutorial video and endurance performance. Famous for its bridal shops, used car dealerships and numerous 'For Lease' signs, the road connecting Parramatta to the CBD is often described as grim and desolate. However, these opinions are held by those who zoom by in their cars, they miss all the good stuff. During her long walks down the rugged motorway and witnessing the glistening cars in bumper to bumper traffic as the sun sets - Kate basks in the glory of Sydney's oldest road.

Sitting nearby commiserating how challenging it must feel to be abandoned, is a passive act. Walking beside something as it struggles doesn't mean drowning in the hardship of it all. In an age obsessed with self care, solidarity is one of the most potently therapeutic experiences to be had.

'How to walk to Parramatta' (Feature film), 4 hours, 20 minutes.