Emmeline Morris is a multidisciplinary artist and designer who creates works in reaction to her experiences of disconnection, dissociation, and overstimulation in relation to her mental disabilities. Her concepts link to her perception of social structures and hierarchy through a neurodivergent lens her self referential visual language is inspired to parody her concerns of public visibility by exposing herself though a coded confessional. Through a mix of two dimensional paintings and video work with three dimensional ceramic sculptural work, she creates a visualisation of her experiences of ontological being.


There is an ever-present reciprocation between the individual and collective. Through my work I have chosen to represent the individual through a mask-like face and the collective as a hive. The hive has many associations with collectivity especially through ideas of modern society. Humans, like bees, have a fast paced hierarchical system. The mask in conjunction, as a symbol of the individual, represents the ontological existence of the independent. The mask forms a deep connection to my own feelings towards the world, as I feel emotionally seperate to it. The two objects are connected by a single, industrial chain which represents the involuntary connection between myself and the world around me; although I feel detached, I am still subsequently forced to be present.

'The Individual and the Collective', 2020, 49 x 32 x 36, Two-piece earthenware ceramic sculpture.