I've been writing poetry and short stories for as long as I can remember, and have recently been trying to bring the two together. Within my work, I often focus on the fine precipice embedded within a dream logic that appears inaccessible yet precise. My writing practice is largely freely associative, often starting with a single image, concept, setting or title and working around the initial seed to tease out an aesthetic vortex of emotion, harmony and disturbance.


The short story "On Reflection" riffs off the premise of a surrealist and absurdist experience within a mirror store. The narrative explores the emergence of thought as a form of entrapment within unknown power exchanges, utilising and braiding discordant conscious, subconscious and unconscious threads toward infinite entanglement. Seeking to envisage the tension between the subconscious dreaming and conscious reflective aspects of experience, the work’s impulse thrives through the lyrical and often jarring tension between poetry and prose. The transient ties of the image to language here take centre stage, battling out until a simultaneously feasible and infeasible form of surrender is found.