Claude Platzer is a Sydney based artist currently completing her BFA honours at UNSWAD. She is interested in the recursive structures of consciousness and how they flux to frame her everyday. Claude's practice begins in an accumulative manner. By writing poetry, she collects moments where the absurdity of existence is felt. Through a disassociated lens, Claude demonstrates how embracing the absurdity of life can illuminate shifting modes of reality. She reflects on the unfixed nature of consciousness when moving between a studio and participatory installation based practice. It is in-between these two modes of making, that her practice is recursively progressed in an infinite loop (just as consciousness is formed). Being in lockdown, Claude relocated her studio practice to her garage. The garage physically represents the slippage between two modes of being, symbolising the idea of an in-between as a space in itself. Within her garage, Claude utilises a multiplicity of mediums (poetry, painting and found supports) to present the unfixed nature of consciousness.


was created utilising offcuts from my honours project, presenting the negative space that upholds my studio practice. Through applying paint to an offcut, or writing poetry about studio movement, I illuminate the in-between. In my studio practice, the action of this flux (my movement) is materialised into making sculptural painted forms.

This work focuses on the movement existing in my studio practice as I present these gestures in a layered painted form. These paintings speak to aspects of my studio practice that are often overlooked, yet indirectly inform my research, i.e. contorting my elbows. Poetry is used to reflect upon the movement generated within my studio practice. Using butchers paper, the poems are hand-written and screwed onto the panels.

The work is presented in a haphazard manner, with unfinished painted backing revealing plywood, as I play with the notion of construction/deconstruction. The work is placed in-between these two modes of being, remaining un-finished in a flux. It is only in a flux, that my studio practice progresses.

'hello and welcome to my garage, you are just passing through', Acrylic/house paint and pencil/biro pen on butchers paper, masonite and plywood, secured with screws, 2021, 1.5 m x 1.5m & 1.3 m x 90cm