Elaine Hye Ryung Kim is a Sydney-based Curator and Artist of Korean background. She sees the world through two cultures of Korea and Australia, giving her perhaps a broader scope with how she perceives the particularly visual world. Her practice is led by a series of experiments that aim to destroy traditional art structures of time and space. Elaine explores the notion that all cultures are hybrid, and there is no longer a pure obedient culture that preserves and thrives on its own. She seeks to express the moment when the boundary between obedience and hybridity breaks down, through a process of translation of her cultures.

"Where and who would we be without our mothers?"

The artist develops and continues their work to bring their work to life. Although the mother is mainly portrayed as raising her child with love and devotion, there are many different facets of motherhood that many people are reluctant to talk about. For example, there are dedicated but selfish mothers, unfortunate mothers, and immature mothers. In this exhibition, each artist expressed how their perception and experience of 'mother' is differently perceived in their art world and how their 'mother' is related to their work process and artistic outcome.