Billie Posters is an interdisciplinary artist who works across ceramics, lithography and cast metals. They are operating from a bedsit in Rushcutters Bay. Their work is inspired by archaeological theory and museum practice, cults and emblematic persons and the queer artist's prerogative to produce ethnography.


is an autobiographical pot that records with humiliating honesty a period of sadness and un-healthiness in the artist's life. It is a kind of time capsule of the thoughts, behaviours and experiences surrounding the artist at a particular moment. The hope in making this work was that I could bury some of these troubles in the surface of the vase and that it might hold them for me; so I could cautiously and more remotely re-examine it all at a later, safer time.

"Bong Rat" , 2019-2021. Earthernware, glaze and onglazes. 35cm x 35cm x 56cm.