2008.01-2008.10 Kudos Exhibitions

Seven/ Group Show
In Black and White/ Group Show
City in. the Sex/ Luke Carr
Stages/ Anthony Terrence O’Carroll
Please Do Not Feed the Painters/ Group Show
Praxis/ Group Show
Disneylandslide/ Emma Price (The Kingpins)
All About Eve/ Rena Phuah
Atrium/ Nick Baldas
Inherant Delicacy/ Genevieve McCrea and Juliana O’Dean
2008.11-2008.20 Kudos Exhibitions

The Sight of Greek Sound/ Shane Rozario
Infinite Possibilities 2/ Joe Dolahenty
Contained/ Group Show
A Graphic Investigation of the Atlas as a Narrative Format for the Visual Communication of Cultural and Social Data/ Richard C.T Gregory
Naminma/ Group Show
Kudos. toKudos/ Group Show
Kawaii Pop/ Ebony Bizys
Shadows of the City/ Group Show
Take a Seat/ Group Show
2008.21-2008.31 Kudos Exhibitions

Compassionate Systems/ Kynan Stewart Hughes
DISLOCATION: Cultural Diversity Exhibition/ Group Show
DISSONANCE: Anticipation
Relume/ Group Show
Surface Tension/ Virginia Mawer
Tim Olsen Drawing Prize
Fresh and Salt: Messages in Stitches Textiles
Alight/ Group Show
Crossroads/ Joel Beerden, Belem Lett and James Lyle
Finale/ Group Show
Itchy Feet/ Dirty Hands Collective

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