Framework: Depraved Forward
︎ Carmen Mercedes Gago Schieb ︎

When did depravity fall out of fashion? From fried memes, to communities of kinksters, and the fragile ecosystem of a queer club night depraved is not just a designation for the morally corrupt; wicked but an identity to be cherished like a badge of honour. 

Framework: Depraved is a celebration and disection of all that is perverted, sick, twisted, and wildly inviting.

As depraved content is now more readily available than ever in the form of Rupaul’s Drag Race ‘crack’ compilation videos, infinte scrolls of influencer advertisements and edgelord pranks on service workers depravity has found its rightful home amongst the plethora of content being perpetually manufactured through the digital masquerade of internet identity.  The conceptualisation of depravity is rooted in the morally conscious , coming with its own set of rules where it is judge, jury and executioner.  To be depraved suggests the existance of the non-depraved, the moral, the pure, opening itself to all that is in-between and beyond. 

Contributor Jason Moisiadis’ poem Disposable Human explore the emotional remnants left in the wake of Grindr hookups, a swan song to loving relationships and retribution to those who were ghosted.  Moisiadis’ Man Shaped Hole takes hold the struggles of heartbreak experienced by Queer youth, it is a raw emotional voyage through the traumatic journey that begins when one is confronted by the axis of sex and religion. Em Best is Crooked and Overflowing, responding to the ghosts of trauma and everlasting effects long after the event has ceased itself to time. Alike the infinite scroll addiction, attaching oneself to WatchMojo’s Top 10 Movies Everyone Should See At Least Once regardless of whether or not we enjoy the content, the farmiliar comfort of pain attaches itself to us. We know it hurts us, but we are unable to let go.

Su-Ann Low’s Untitled club track transforms the bedroom into a small party, with sticky floors and aromas of amyl nitrate within reach. Su-Ann’s lesbian disstrack sits alongside Moisisadis in taking a stand against ex’s past and present. #freebitch #dontneednoman #orwoman
Calls to hyperpop, Charli XCX, pixel art, and digital masturbation bubble underneath the surface.

The inescapable  addiction to technilogically formed identity takes new form in Lev Kaya’s @Batojoon sexegesis, an analysis of tops, bottoms, harems, and racialisation through the existence of roleplay Twitter account @Batojoon. Desciples gladly take their place as the breedable whores of the created leader, with the true identity of Bato being unknown.  Anonymous contributor SUCK MY COCK EVERYNIGHT HERE AT 8PM’s Bennelong Beats takes us on a psychosexual tour of on-the-ground cruising spots from the public toilets to the park, communal spaces are transformed through queer existence and resistance. 

This is depraved. As are we. As are you. 

Depraved is a call to that which is inside us all, all that inspires us, torments and tantalises. 

Proceed with caution. 

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